Day 1: Retreating Dr. Mama

13 Aug

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I have taken myself on a one-woman, one dog, one week writing retreat.  My job offers up NO time to write–thank goodness for my blog,else I’d never write a word that wasn’t either my approval signature or something in a spreadsheet cell.  And I have these two performances about motherhood that I roped myself into on purpose, knowing full well that if I didn’t so rope, I’d find/make no time to write creatively.  So dangit, this week I’m writin two performance pieces if it kills me.  And it just might.  And I’m blogging about it for 8 days.  Get ready for Saturday-to-Saturday with Dr. Mama.

Day 1

I arrive with Fiona (my Scottish terrier) to a remote cabin just outside of Burnsville, NC.  Missed my final turn but luckily I had my GPS.  Except oops, no reception.  No worries, I’ll call the cabin owner for directions.  Oops, no reception (der).  No worries, studying the map again.  Says if you’ve gotten to road whatever-the-name-of-it-was, you’ve gone .3 miles too far.  Hey!  that’s the wrong road I took and am on now!  I turn around and clock .3 miles and whattaya know:  Lost Hollow Road, bigger ‘n shit. I get to the place.  Mildly rustic.  I do hate rustic, even the milder versions, but this one seems like it’s going to be OK.  Unload an unreasonable amount of stuff– a week’s worth of groceries (’cause I will NOT go back down that mountain again until I have to), books, laptops, coffee maker (just not willing to chance it) and clothes.  Fiona is in heaven to be able to walk around without a leash.  Such a loyal thing, she won’t go anywhere without me.  Can go through the doggie door, but really not interested unless I’m on the other side, so we just stay on the same side of it together.  Discover there’s no AC.  Oops forgot to check that on VRBO.  Sure hope these trees offer incredible shade and coolness, cause yikes. Also no–and this is really really strange–flatware!  A box of plastic flatware in the otherwise empty silverware drawer.  Gauche.  What am I, camping?  Then I want to pay $17 a night, or whatever it is, since I’m eating with disposables and spraying myself with Off! [what’s with that exclamation point on the label?)  just to be able to handle 15 minutes on the porch. So those things are not so great, but the rest of it is pretty cool.

Today’s dinner is Italian.  Chicken piccata, caprese salad, and sauteed zucchini. Fabulous. And in case you’re wondering, and I know you are, yes I DID bring my own garlic press. Next time I’ll bring my own stinking flatware too.

Today’s work:  nothing on writing, but hey!  just got here!  give a sister a break!  Besides, I never seem able to write the first or second day anyway.  Tomorrow’s plan is to relax and think. Going over my last year of blog posts and some notebooks and notepads I’ve written ideas in.  Maybe read some fiction to get my creative juice flowing (I would say juices but I’m not sure I’ve got more than one).  That’s the planley Stanley.   Talk with you tomorrow.


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8 responses to “Day 1: Retreating Dr. Mama

  1. Patrick Cronin

    August 14, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    Reverse blog from partner of Dr. Mama. No partner; no loyal Scottish Terrier but plenty of flatware and AC. What’s wrong with this picture? Hey Dr. Mama….do that writing thing you do and it will all be worth it.


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