Day 2: Retreating Dr. Mama

14 Aug

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I tried to re-treat myself with another fabulous dinner.  Tonight’s menu was rosemary garlic scallops over polenta.  Alas, its sounded much better than it tasted, and now I’ve got garlic and onion churning my stomach for no good reason.  Perhaps tomorrow it’s simple steak and salad.

I was initially annoyed that there was no clock in the bedroom, but then ended up doing something really edgy and going to sleep when I was tired and getting up when I was rested, without regard for their relationship to clock time.  So I’ve worked through the missing clock crisis.  And I FOUND THE FLATWARE–in the kitchen desk drawer, of course.  I discovered that the strangely loud bird call coming either from the living room or some scary hidden space in the house was not some mountain man or child’s bizarre call (I actually did know some mountain rural boys when I was little who would do this from up in trees as some kind of code to each other across the mountainside).  Nor was it some giant actual bird perched strangely atop the fireplace mantle (admittedly improbable but there was some evidence to support it!).  It was instead one of those wall clocks that have a different bird sound for each hour.  It was pretty scary last night though.

For her part, Fiona discovered that the creature she charged and nearly crashed into when it didn’t flee allowing her to give chase, as she’d anticipated, was actually a stump.  And the animal out back which she also charged, though with learned ability to retract this time, was a white ram made of metal that also did not flee, despite her fevered effort to overtake it. So as you can see, my resolute position that I must have this dog with me as a protective measure in these deep dark woods was well-grounded.  She and I went for a walk along the creek today for about half an hour; she ventured into the water at a couple of points.  So nice to be able to walk with her without a leash.

Started the morning with delicious (pots of) coffee on the front porch, starting out in the rocking chair and ending up in the hot tub.  If you’ve never sat in a hot tub surrounded by natural wooded and mountainous beauty, I recommend your seeking out opps to do so.  I spent time reading through some of my writing, pulling this blog post and that one, pulling up this paper and that talk, figuring out what might inform my two papers.  I have a core outline for one paper, and concrete ideas for the other which I’ve yet to narrow.  Reading tonight about cyborg motherhood and how communication technologies transform the terrain of motherhood in ways that hold liberatory potential.  Will work tonight and in the morning on reading theory and smarty pants stuff.  Then I’ll begin the ordering and pasting together.  Should begin writing Tuesday.  (By the way, that bird clock is going off just now but it’s not fooling me this time!  I’ll go charge a metal ram before I get tricked by a bird clock again.)  Hoping to report a full game plan for the two papers/performance pieces tomorrow night, or a significant piecing together of one.

Thanks for reading.  You’re keeping me motivated!


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2 responses to “Day 2: Retreating Dr. Mama

  1. Mamanym

    August 15, 2011 at 8:41 am

    Love the reminder of calls across the mountains,funny. Also love the idea of going to bed when tired/arising when rested, I think you may have something there.
    As for Fiona… she’s a wreck.

  2. r4dic4lf3mm3

    August 15, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    Lol @ Fiona’s adventures and the chirping clock (my in-laws have one of those freakin’ clocks).


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