Day 3: Retreating Dr. Mama

15 Aug

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Today I’ve been ensconced in writing.  Actually, no, that’s not true.  ToNIGHT I’ve been writing, toDAY I’ve been reading and thinking.  It is beautiful and peaceful here, though a bit cold on this day.  Went up into the attic and grabbed some boots and a flannel shirt (the owners allow the use of anything renters have access to including the attic).  The roads are deeply rocky here, not gravel, so navigating them at inclines is tricky in sneakers (does anyone say sneakers any more?).  Fiona and I went for a nice walk this morning and again this evening; I keep forgetting her leash, which I want to have in hand so that we can venture further down the road where a house or two are.  If there are other dogs, she’ll take off after them and will become dead when they kill her because she has no sense of her size and what it doesn’t mean up against a big dog.  Such lack of sense on this matter is evidenced by her having gone after a rottweiler once.  “Not clear on the concept,” as my partner often says.  Another thing she is typically not clear on is playing ball.  I think she finds it rather a game for idiots with no goal to work toward and no identifiable benefit for her.  Now tug-o-war, THAT’S a game whose goals and outcomes make sense to the girl.  So she tries to play the latter with a ball which really never quite works.  But anyway, despite all that, she did play fetch with me for a little while today.  We interacted with hummingbirds and nuthatches and goldfinches, and shared spoonfuls of peanut butter in the morning and took a nap this afternoon and shared a few bites of steak tonight.

I had an annoying visitor in the form of a bumblebee who flew in and couldn’t figure out how to get out and was buzz buzz buzzing madly trying to fly through the glass, not letting up in the least and I’m trying to write and he’s buzzing and buzzing and finally I said, “DUDE!  Really?  You think may be you could wrap that up sometime soon?  I’m trying to think here and your buzzing all over my thoughts!  I got several open windows here.  That isn’t one of ’em.  Avail yourself, would ya?”  He did not oblige.  So I opened the window which I could barely reach and also was afraid of being stung (and yes bumblebees do sting, I checked it on Wikipedia just now so I know it’s true) but I got the stinking window open and resumed my peaceful thinking. Dude was really hampering my flow here.

Lunch was white bean and tuna mix over greens and by the time I got around to dinner it was almost 10 so I only had energy to broil two steaks, eat one with bleu cheese, give some pieces to Fiona, and have some yogurt.  Maybe I’ll have the rest with eggs for breakfast.

I did print up a draft of one of the papers tonight.  I have no idea whether it’s complete crap or not, but I’ll find out in the morning. I hope to finish it tomorrow so I can move on to the other one.  And that’s the deal Lucille.

Thanks for reading.


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2 responses to “Day 3: Retreating Dr. Mama

  1. Mamamoxie

    August 15, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    Love, love, love your “conversation” with Dude the bumblebee. You always make me laugh. Great thing.

  2. Dr. Mama

    August 16, 2011 at 10:43 am

    It’s funny, blogging everyday makes me more aware of what I’m doing. As I was yelling at that bee I thought, “I should write this into today’s post.” Good thing since it was the most eventful part of my day.


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