Day 5: Retreating Dr. Mama

17 Aug

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Notes to Self:

1.  If you go for a long walk that might turn into a hike in a secluded and unfamiliar wood, bring a compass.  You big dummy.

2.  Turkeys can fly.  Into your yard.

3.  If your dog starts (freakishly) barking at the wall: rather than put your ear up to the wall to try to determine what’s behind it, and then take a look at the door frame to ascertain whether the wall is deep enough to hold a person (it is), just go ahead and assume it’s a critter in there. What the hell.

4.  When you look up at the cabin from the road and determine that any potential visitors won’t be able to see you in the hot tub:  rather than conclude that this means you don’t need to worry because if anyone comes up you’ll have time to grab a towel and maybe even dash inside to get dressed before they get to the house, remember your partner’s sage advice: “more importantly, you’ll have time to dash inside and lock the doors.  f**k the modesty.”

5.  Stop with the capris and the tanks.  Next time you come to a cabin where there are woods that you’re going to go traipsing around in, bring sleeves and jeans.  You big dummy.

6.  Any recipe that requires you to sear scallops in one tablespoon of oil and two tablespoons of butter is not a good recipe. So don’t follow it next time.  You big dummy.

Full and rich day today.  I finished one of the performances except for some tweaking which I’ll do in a week or two after I’ve been away from it.  I also turned that into an article submission that I’ll send out within a week.  I have the rough draft for the second performance and will work on that tomorrow and hopefully finalize it Friday.

As is likely obvious, I took a long walk-turned-hike-turned-hansel-and-gretel.  Kept thinking I was about to happen upon the cabin from the back way.  I wasn’t.  About to do anything.  Except wander until it was dark and then…well, anyway, turned around and made it back.

Had kale for lunch (that’s it, just a big bowl of kale cooked with some onions, garlic, and mushrooms.  But mostly kale). Then for dinner made seared scallops with andouille sausage.  Very rich but very easy and delicious.  And cholesterol-ridden.

Thanks for reading!

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