Day 7: Retreating Dr. Mama

19 Aug

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Awoke early today to savor my last coffee on the front porch alone.  Lovely.  Then set to work on some edits for the two performance pieces, staying steady with that for a good while.  Then decided I’m so damn sick of writing and working that I just can’t take it anymore.  So I put the stuff AWAY!  Did a hot tub dip, took a shower, napped for 15 minutes and then drove down the mountain to go get my boy, who is now here with me.  He loves the place and enjoyed some traipsing.  He tried to talk Fiona for a walk but she ran home to be with me.  I’ve been fostering a bit of dependency here it seems.  I fear she’ll be devastated when the standard work week starts up on Monday. I fear  I’ll be seeing “I thought we had something special” in her eyes.

We had sausage and green pepper sandwiches for dinner, popcorn and some TV later  (haven’t turned that thing on since the first night).   We think we might go hot tub for a while. Maybe some reading in my book and his Nook, and probably bedtime before long.

I remarked that he seemed so tall when he walked into the kitchen.  He was thrilled to hear this as he’s convinced he “doesn’t grow.”   Of course I’ve not seen any living beings taller than one foot for 7 days, so perhaps I’m not the best judge.  We await his sister tomorrow; it’ll be lovely being here with my two babies.

Tomorrow is my last post on the writing retreat 😦  It’s been so nice talking with you all this week.

Thank you, and thank you, for reading.

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